Travis’ Teaching Philosophy

There are many ways to access yoga, and all teachers have their own personal style and brand. As a teacher, I feel it’s important to create a class that is accessible yet challenging for all levels.

My practice began in a difficult period in my life, when back and hip pain created a lot of trouble for me. I began a slow, powerful weekly Iyengar yoga practice, which involved holding poses for extended periods. Through this, I developed the patience and body focus to rid me of my pain and develop my practice further.

Ethically, I follow the widely taught guidelines of the ‘yamas’ and ‘niyamas’. Each of my classes contains many elements. Namely; truthfulness (Satya) in my instruction. Tight time control (Asteya) so as not to inconvenience my students by making them late for their next appointment. Self-discipline (Tapas) to train your senses and create body awareness. And self-study (Svadhyaya) for personal, inner exploration of the mind and spirit.

Practically, my classes focus on strengthening the muscles and loosening the joints. We perform asanas that work towards building full mobility in students whose jobs involve sitting down for most of the day.

My classes can be described by Sri Swami Satchidananda who says

“I feel happy and they all feel happy being there, so they make me happy and I make them happy. We just spend a little happy time together, that’s all. We just talk about something or do something in the name of yoga… what else do we want in this life?”

Prepare to smile, sweat, and refresh you mind, body and spirit.